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who is q tip?

There is literally no ladylike way to scratch your boobs when they’re itchy is there?


im gonna cry

cudi killin the crop top game at coachella

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Tennis - Mean Streets

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So did you buy it (the ukulele)?!

haha no :( i hope to get one some day, when i actually have the time to practice.

  • Me: *looks at ukelele* I dont know, I want to buy it.
  • Sister: Honey, you're Zooey enough.


Spring, why you gotta play me.

KFC has chicken corsages for prom and I swear if pizza corsages existed and my date got one for me I would have totally let him touch a boob.

 Régine running to Stage B for It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)

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Stormy Weather — Billie Holiday

Dedicated to a windy, wet and just plain butt ugly Monday.