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I’d say I have 5 friends that are the truest homies. Some friends come and go but these cool cats stay very constant in my life. (And if anon happens to be Lisa, you’re in the 5 gf.)

tonightshow asked:

22, 30

22. My sister and I are incredibly close even though we’re 5 years apart. I tell her anything and everything, and she does the same with me. 

30. I don’t fall for people easily. I often think to myself ”don’t fall for him because he won’t fall for you” which is probably not the greatest mindset. But when I do fall, I fall pretty hard.  

Thanks, Michael!

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I don’t believe in soul mates. I don’t think there’s THE ONE AND ONLY, you can have a strong connection with many people. 

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Not really but I do have a reputation for crying during movies. And PMS has made me cry spontaneously before, which is really not fun.

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Yes. I’m struggling with that right now. I’m still figuring out if I’m in like with them in the first place though.

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Not really a jealous person. Maybe bitter is a better word? I can be a salty bitch sometimes, but who isn’t?

I was tired last night, fell asleep after reblogging those asks oops.