"I think too much. I think ahead. I think behind. I think sideways. I think it all. If it exists, I’ve fucking thought of it."

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"Drive (Los Angeles)"

zoë kravitz, girl, hot damn


*doesn’t understand ur text post* *likes it anyways because i like u and want u to know that i support ur lifestyle*

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LOLAWOLF / Jimmy Franco


this episode changed me forever

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dimetrodons asked:
Your twitter is hilarious. I especially love the juxtaposition between David Bowie and Ralph.

Haha thanks! My cover photo thingy used to be a collage of Steve Buscemi from The Wedding Singer but I thought it was too loud believe it or not. 

i dont have active accounts in those two so im going the creeping route. thanks for making it an option

Hah! I appreciate your honesty.

I used to separate my tumblr life with my other social networking sites, but then i realized i don’t have anything to hide and you guys are cool so if you want to add me on twitter or instagram, feel free. If you don’t want to add me but would rather internet creep me, I guess that’s okay too but you’ve been warned - i live a rather boring life.


a baby  Mac DeMarco  (2400 Motel, Vancouver 2009)

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Michael Galinsky’s Retro Photos of 1980s Shopping Malls Are, Like, Totally Rad

In the winter of 1989, photographer Michael Galinsky drove across the country recording the seismic change in America’s malls: their transformation from the shiny retail palaces of the ’80s into something weirder. Then 20 years old, Galinsky began with the Smith Haven Mall in Long Island, and drove west: through Michigan, Illinois, South Dakota, Washington State. His photographs—collected in the book Malls Across America, published this month by Steidl—document a nation that had yet to turn against the mall, and saw its culture play out in the atriums of indoor retail palaces.

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Arcade Fire - Vive Latino, Mexico City. March 28, 2014

LoVeE meeeee