I’m sure someone has talked about this before but isn’t it crazy how specific school dress codes are for girls? No spaghetti straps, no tube tops, no skirts or shorts above arm length, no midriff. I was never upset about it when I was in school because they were the rules and I was a rule-abiding student but my god fuck you if you get a boner from a girl’s tank top that’s your problem.

Poetry From The Greats

  • Julian Casablancas: All the girls could never make me love them the way I love you.
  • Alex Turner: The day after you stole my heart, everything I touched told me it would be better shared with you.
  • Ezra Koenig: Do you want to fuck?

I think the date rape nail polish is a really great idea and I really hope it works. But I hate HATE the fact that it has to exist in the first place.